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AAIENA a patented virtual trial technology.

AAIENA is a blend of the latest trending technologies incorporated as compact software that brings in a comprehensive shopping experience while performing virtual tryouts.

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Sizing gives a perfect insight into your measurement without relying much on conventional methods such as inch tapes. With Sizing, you can also pay attention to tracking the customer's needs based upon their size.

With the latest technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Computer Vision, Sizing requires no human interventions. Sizing also upgrades the quality of trial procedures by introducing a safe contactless approach.

Thus, it proves to be an unbeatable match for all of your size-related issues by introducing

  • Tailored approach measurement technique.
  • 360-degree trial analysis.
  • 24x7 precise outcome



Generally, conventional trial procedure consumes customer's precious energy and time. One of the prime causes comes out to be the trial room. Customers favor trying out multiple apparels in the trial room. However, compromising with the current trial room scenario wouldn't prove to be a promising sign. When it comes to a well-designed 3D virtual trial room, ETTIRE is no less than a masterpiece.

From customers accessing the trial room to the outfit selection, ETTIRE propagates customer's desired outcomes. ETTIRE consists of a real-time mechanism that expedites the trial prospects. Thus, if substituted with a conventional trial room, ETTIRE eradicates the flaws arising during the trial.


Aaiena In Store

AAIENA’s In-Store facilitates the trial procedure by substituting it with advanced contactless virtual try-on so that they can opt for suitable apparel.

  • Our self-formulated dashboard aims to set up your store. But before this configuration, you must ensure to plan your digitalized inventories.

  • With gadgets such as the iPad or laptop, AAIENA will integrate to the larger screen connected into your store.

  • Bravo! Your customers are all set to experience a rich contactless virtual try-on without any hindrances.


AAEINA becomes a handy asset as a website platform where customers virtually try-on countless apparel without rooting to unnecessary mobile apps. With virtual trial room technology, you can fabricate your virtual avatar with the snap of your fingers. AAIENA provides the customer with the necessary license to pick their favorite get-ups as per their preferences.

AAIENA web platform is an ideal alternative that would curb the frequent human interactions and return rates occurring due to sizing issues. Through customer insight, you could devise several business ideas through AAIENA. Thus, customers would not be in any spot of bother before purchasing the apparel.

View AAIENA In-web


AAIENA app is one-touch virtual trial alternative for seamless shopping experiences. With panoramic view virtual trial technology, customers can easily trace their apparel with 360 degrees rotation of their virtual avatar. You can readily switch these awesome features in your app in case you wish to upgrade it in better way.

Now, you can also share your digital catalogues and product recommendations with your customers in case they are unable to select their preferences.


Download AAIENA for iOS and Android.



AAIENA is the perfect amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, which sprinkles its magic in the form of a contactless virtual trial room. The virtual avatar created through AAIENA is an outcome that can facilitate the trial prospect to the next level.

AAIENA manifests the product for the retail industry and aims to polish upthe prevailing trial mechanisms. It does not solely focus on trialmeasurements but also regenerates the outcomes that favor customers. AAIENA requires no external third-party apps, which means that itoperates smoothly, maintaining security factors. Combined with Sizing and ETTIRE, AAIENA care takes all the trial prospects. Thus, retailers won'tneed any handling whatsoever.

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